Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy was developed with your (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) ease of understanding in mind. This Privacy Policy describes the methods of collection and protection of the user’s data and other such pertinent information.

This Privacy Policy applies to all Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd games, as well as marketing and advertising activities on all platforms, and other services that may be provided by Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd (hereinafter referred to as the “Service” or “Games”).

This Privacy Policy is available for perusal at all times. Should there be any changes or amendments to this Privacy Policy, Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd will notify the user by posting the amended version on this site.

Data provided by users upon registration

2.1. To use the Service, the user may log in through their Facebook account and/or Facebook Messenger account. Through this log in process, Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd may collect some or all of the following information:

2.1.1. The user’s game-scoped ID

2.1.2. The user’s Facebook and/or Facebook Messenger user ID

2.1.3. Publicly available information such as the user’s name and profile picture

2.2. Such information is collected to create the user’s game account and provide them access to the Games.

2.3.  In order to manage the information Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd receives through third-party applications wherein the user plays the Game (e.g. Facebook), the user must follow the instructions provided by the third-party application in question for modifying said user’s information and privacy settings. The privacy management tools for applications on Facebook can be found at

Information collected while the user plays Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd Games

3.1. Majority of the information Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd collects comes directly from the user when the user plays the Games and/or interacts with advertising, content, and other Services. Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd may collect and process the following information with the reasons provided, depending on which of the Games the user interacts with:

3.1.1. Details on how the user makes use of and interacts with the Games and Services, such as the amount of time the user spends on specific game pages, at which point in the game the user is at, and the user’s date/time of activity on the Games. e.g. In order to facilitate a seamlessly synchronized user experience across multiple devices, information about where the user left off on one of the Games said user played shall be used to allow the user to start from said point.

3.1.2. A list of the user’s Facebook friends who play the same Games on Facebook (hereinafter referred to as “connected friends”). This information is collected to notify the user when their connected friends are playing Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd Games.

3.1.3. The user’s approximate location data. This allows Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd to better understand the user’s timezone and provide a customized service such as sending push notifications at appropriate times. This also allows Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd to set the user’s language preference automatically.

3.2. For every visit or access to the Service, information about the user’s IP address, access provider, referring URL, date and time, browser type and version, operating system,  as well as the amount and state of transferred data is stored in Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd ’s server log files. Such log data is utilized only for the purpose of operations, security, and optimization of Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd ’s services, and without any other personally identifiable nor pseudonymous profiling as required by law.

Push Notifications

4.1. Users are provided information about the Service and pertinent content through messages sent through Facebook Game Bots (hereinafter referred to as “push notifications”).

4.2. Push notifications are set with consent from the user. The user’s browser and/or app and/or device must also support such push notifications. In order to facilitate the delivery of such push notifications, Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd must store an identifying feature of the user’s browser/app/device, messenger ID, locale, timezone, and information about the user’s connected friends.

4.3. The user may choose to opt out of the push notification service at any time by disabling the function through their browser/app/device settings.

Information collected for personalized advertisements

5.1. Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd Games may include advertising for third-party products and services based on personal information about the users. Unless the user opts out of interest-based advertising, Instaplay and its advertising partners (hereinafter referred to as “Third-Party Advertisers”) makes use of technologies such as cookies and web beacons to collect information to personalize advertising content. Such technologies will also be used to improve advertising, targeting, and measurement systems to display third-party ads that may be relevant to the user.

5.2.The following information may be collected by Third-Party Advertisers or shared with Third-Party Advertisers by Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd ”

5.2.1. Performance data (e.g. number of page views, visits, impressions)

5.2.2. Aggregated non-personally identifiable information about the user and other players

5.2.3. Technical information such as IP address, device type, and non-personally identifiable device identifiers such as a hashed Android ID

5.2.4. The user’s social network ID

5.2.5. Other contextual data on the user’s game play such as level, achievements, and the like

5.3.The information collected may be used for the following:

5.3.1. Measure the effectiveness of the ads, and to offer the user behavioral advertising i.e. display advertisements for products and services more likely to apply to the user

5.3.2. Facilitate web analytics, analyze traffic and player activity in order to improve user experience.

User’s or Legal representative’s rights and the exercise thereof

6.1. Right of access. The user can request review any and all user data Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd may have collected about them. The user may request for their personal data through the email address provided below. However, Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd reserves the right to ask for reasonable evidence to verify the user’s identity before they are provided with any such information. Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd also may not be able to provide all the information the user requests for, in certain instances such as the information includes personal information about another person.

6.2. Right to correct personal information. Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd endeavors to ensure that the information held about the user is accurate and up to date. Should the user realize that the information is outdated or incorrect, they may send a request for correction.

6.3. Data deletion. The user can also request for the deletion of all their user data at any given time. Should the user wish to delete all their data, please contact Instaplay through the email address provided below. The user must take note that in order to delete data collected by Facebook through pixel-tags, web beacons, and the like, the user must do so through the settings of their Facebook and/or Facebook Messenger account. In some cases, personal information about the user that is visible through gameplay (e.g. user name, high scores, chat messages) may be cached on their connected friends’ Facebook and/or Facebook Messenger accounts. Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd will not be able to modify or remove the data from those.

6.4. Should the user be a minor, their legal representative also has the right to access and request for the deletion of the personal information of the user in question through the same means.

Office in Charge of Protection of Information

7.1. To facilitate the protection of information and process related complaints, Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd designates an officer in charge of personal information protection.

7.2. Should the user have any concern regarding their personal information, they may report it to the aforementioned officer. The Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd team will review such concerns and provide a response.

7.3. The user is obliged to provide sufficient and accurate information so that their concerns may be evaluated properly. Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd may ask the user to provide additional information as a condition for the evaluation of their concern.

7.4. Contact Information

Name: Black Dash Interactive Design Sdn Bhd
E-mail: [email protected]