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In Technology

Seamless Connection Between Devices

On 28, Mar 2014 | In Technology

Mobile devices are one of those things that we have with us all the time, from the moment we open our eyes till the moment we close them to go to sleep again. So we were wondering from advertising perspective, why not extend another level of experience to consumer.

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Kinect Gesture Detection – Swipe Menu Navigation

On 20, Mar 2014 | In Augmented Reality, Kinect, Technology

Riding on Mircosoft Kinect’s powerful human motion detection, we have developed a new way of interacting an e-catalogue/menu. This algorithm that we have developed is to detect human gestures such as swipe left, right, up and down. The most crucial key here is the speed of the swipe as we need to disqualify those swipes that are too fast and too slow.

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Kinect Human Motion Detection – Gesture Controlled 3D model

On 19, Mar 2014 | In Augmented Reality, Kinect, Technology

Using Microsoft Kinect, we were able to detect and track human motion easily, bracing the new technology, we translate the natural human motion and gesture into controlling a virtual world. In the demo above, user can take control using right and left hands, to rotate the house horizontally, and by raising the hand up and down, the user will be able to view the house from top view or returning to the original position. The magnification of the house is relative to the user’s position to the screen, the nearer the subject moves to the screen, the greater the magnification of the house.

Gesture controls will notably contribute to easing our interaction with devices, reducing (and in some cases replacing) the need for a mouse, keys, a remote control, or buttons. When combined with other advanced user interface technologies such as voice commands and face recognition, gestures can create a richer and unforgettable user experience that strives to understand the human “language,” thereby fueling the next wave of electronic innovation.

Hope you guys like it :) If you are interested to implement this, feel free to talk to us at

Image Marker Augmented Reality

On 18, Mar 2014 | In Augmented Reality, Technology

This is the R&D result of our image marker augmented reality. After the detection all sorts of content can be superimposed on the screen, like text, videos, animations, 3D animation, games etc.

Kinect Predator Cloaking

On 11, Oct 2012 | In Augmented Reality, Kinect, Technology

Inspired by the Predator movie, we decided to use Microsoft Kinect with Airkinect to replicate the Predator’s cloaking effect.

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Drypers Interactive Wall

On 24, Jun 2012 | In Augmented Reality, Technology, Work

During Drypers sampling roadshow around the nation, they wanted some fun factor to attract young children to come by the booth with their parents. We were given the task to come out with an interactive game which is fun to play and big enough to be viewed by others from far to generate curiosity.

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In News


On 28, Feb 2012 | In News

We have just revamped our portfolio site & we’re really excited about it, we’re still in the midst of updating it, so please stay tuned. We won’t be including some of the older projects, so do check out our previous site for them.