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About Us

Black Dash Interactive Design is a digital interactive media consultancy, a marriage of creativity and interactivity. We are always on the prowl for creative and unique ideas, pursuing up-to-date technologies, whilst seeking to explore new interactive directions. We are a team of passionate, who are enthusiastic about creating an unforgettable user experience using the best interactive solutions for each and every of our project.

What We Do

We specialise in the design and development of web, game, interactive digital installation and mobile application. We strategise, plan, design and execute digital marketing campaigns that accomplish client’s marketing objectives. Our solutions are tailored-made with unique blends of fresh ideas and interactivity. We are confident that our inimitable style and perceptions are able to enrich, empower and excite end users.

Our Philosophy

Our principles lie in the use of simple and effective design decisions to make interaction between target audience and businesses more enjoyable and memorable. The most challenging aspect of modern interface design is that it’s easier to achieve complexity because complex interfaces are so hard to simplify. We believe in taking out as much as possible, to reduce distraction to the end user, at the same time without losing the core message.