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Creative Design Agency

Pheromone Asia

Panasonic Ola The Best

DeGem Diamond

McDonald’s Big Mac Chant

Korean Air

Panasonic Fulamak Bestnya!

Panasonic Viera 4K TV

Guardian People’s Choice Award

Ajinomoto – Tasty Treats Contest

Origins – M.A.D about you

Guardian – G.E.M Contest

Origins – Make 3 Wishes

Bell & Ross – Live Clock

Juice Works


Clinique Bestie

Mountain Torq

McDonald’s Coca-Cola Glass Challenge

DeGem Infinity Rings V2

Red Hot Black Heat

SPAN – Readers Digest Jacket Cover


First High Tech V2

Samsung S4 smart pause rich banner

Drypers Interactive Kiosk

Nissan – Marry Me Love Dedication Contest

Dew Challenge – The Extreme Ride

Pepsi King of Pop Contest

Revive – Keep the Fun Going Video Contest

Drypers Interactive Wall

Nextwave Simplify

McDonald’s Chicken Foldover Contest

Nikon Asia – On-Location How To Guide

RHB Now Racer

McDonald’s Prosperity

Nikon Asia – DSLR Beginners’ Guide

McDonald’s Breakfast Mania

Ubermen Attitude

No Big Deal

InTouch Connection Manager


Clinique Great Skin Challenge

What’s Your G

McDonald’s Football Frenzy

DeGem Infinity Rings V1

McDonald’s Breakfast Challenge

Clinique Great Skin Diary

HP Office Mania

McDonald’s Glass Twister